Post Frac Evaluation of Multiple Zone Fracture Treatments Using the "Completion Efficiency" Concept

The presence of more than one pay sand in a well can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is the presence of additional net pay and potential additional reserves. The curse is that it is often difficult to economically justify selective fracture treatments for each individual sand. 

Evaluating Refrac Potential in the Permian Wolfcamp Formation

  • EUR per Lateral Foot Trends Midland Basin Wolfcamp
  • Candidate Selection Process and Refrac Execution
  • Diverter and Existing Perforation Isolation Issues
  • Diverter Mechanics with 6 SPF 60 Degree Perforations
  • Midland Basin Wolfcamp Cumulative Completions

Liquids Rich Organic Shale Recovery Factor Applications

Recovery factor analysis involves the integration of hydrocarbon pore volume from a core calibrated petropysical analysis with the extimated ultimate recovery from the lateral wellbore. A key benefit is the normalization of performance among wellbores with varying oil in place volumes and establishment of "best practices" for well completions.

A Novel Approach to Identifying Refracturing Candidates and Executing Refracture Treatments in Multiple Zone Reservoirs

Refracture candidate selection and treatment execution has always presented four main challenges to the industry when multiple pay zones are involved. The first challenge is determining the underlying cause of the poor production performance (poor reservoir quality, an ineffective original stimulation treatment, or both). The second challenge is the identification of the specific zones with significant remaining reserves that have been poorly stimulated. The third challenge is determining the current reservoir pressure in all of the prospective refracture candidate zones. The fourth major challenge is selectively stimulating the target zones in the wellbore when there are existing perforations above the target zones.

Headline: 5 Steps to Lowering your Cost per Barrel

"Measure twice, cut once: How Integrated Energy Services maximizes asset value"

In the current economic climate, minimizing risk in the upstream oil and gas industry has become more important than ever, particularly in the refracturing process.

Integrated Energy Services helps businesses reduce their refrac risk substantially. The Austin-based company provides advisory services to oil and gas producers working in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Practical Interpretation of Open Hole Logs

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